About Me

In 2017, I graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering with a sandwich year in industrial design. Since then, I have worked in various areas of film, television and theatre. After completing two courses at Pinewood Studios, I realised that art department is the area in which I would like to work.


I regularly take part in historical re-creations, recreating a wide range of historical periods as authentically as possible. As such, I have a good knowledge of history, architecture, and the styles of many periods.


I believe the best things in life are achieved through a combination of art and science. My mechanical engineering degree has equipped me with a strong analytical mindset and an ability to solve problems – transferrable skills which, when combined with my interest in history, story-telling and the arts in general, gives me a valuable skill-set that would be complementary to the art department and the skill-set of other crew-members.

James Everett - Headshot.jpg

Hobbies and Interests