Historical Recreations

“The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.”


L. P. Hartley

Photography by Mike Hill
and Gavin Mills

I take part in historical re-creations – immersive events which re-create a range of historical periods as authentically as possible.

This involves extensive research to:

  • Make and source historically accurate props

  • Decorate locations in a way that is historically accurate and adheres to a story.

  • Design, make and source historically accurate costumes

Photography by Gavin Mills

and Mike Hill

Our ideas, performances and knowledge is subject to constant peer review, practical testing and improvement.


By studying the past – its technology, society and culture –  one gains a broad understanding of the world. This is a strong foundation on which to design new worlds.


A good knowledge of the past is also beneficial for designing period productions and other works of fiction.

Prop Sourcing and Set Decoration

Each event is unique in terms of the year in which it is set, the time of year, the occasion that is being re-created and the characters that are present. When we decorate the locations for an event, we consider all of these factors.


Prior to each event, we are told the Tudor year we will re-create - eg. 1593. We then work closely with each other to research the year in which the event is set.

We procure and / or make our own personal props and accessories. We also work together to make and procure appropriate props for communal activities such as gentry dinner, and decorate the locations appropriately


For example, in the photo below, the Great Hall has been decorated to reflect Elizabethan England in 1593. The occasion is a relatively formal dinner, whereby the owners of the house are joined by their relatives. High Board is shown on the left, and Low Board on the right.

Gentry Dinner 3.png

Photograph by Paul Sillence

Location Photos

Below are some photos of locations in which we hold events.

Photography by Gavin Mills