Asylum Models & Effects, London

I undertook a month-long internship at Asylum Models & Effects, London. During my time there, I helped to fabricate a giant game table during Cisco's global event: A five metre wide board that facilitates an interactive obstacle course using programmable Sphero balls, perspex landmarks and various motorised elements.

Table 1.jpg

Photography by Asylum Models & Effects

Cisco hold global events every year with the aim of training people in their products and services. Asylum were approached to fabricate a giant game table that facilitated part of this, bring the element of play to the learning experience.


The 5 metre wide board, depicting Barcelona, was split into five separate sections for 5 separate gaming platforms. Each had a Sphero ball which could be coded to navigate through the streets of Barcelona using Cisco’s tools via a tablet. LED lit Perspex buildings represented various landmarks and motorised bollards hindered the progress of players. A multiple choice question had to be answered correctly in-order to know which of a series of buttons to press, for the bollards to retract.

Photography by Asylum Models & Effects